Friday, June 17, 2011

Fail Internet Business ? Why ?

Starting an internet business is a very simple thing to do. It's easy. Go and search for online business opportunities and you'll be flooded with page after page of "earn thousands from home", "make money fast!" blah blah blah.
The fact is 97% of people who try, fail.
So why are all these people failing to create a successful internet business? The simple answer is, because they're not patient.
When someone jumps into an online money making scheme, they're normally desperate. They don't like their current circumstances and they want to get out... fast. They read through all these testimonials and believe that a month down the line they could be earning thousands from the comfort of their own home.
But Why Fail Internet Business ?

I'm not saying they don't put the effort in. I'm saying they don't put the effort in for long enough.
You can make massive amounts of money from an internet business. But this will take a long time. My best piece of advice in this game is: don't expect anything fast.
When you blast out lots of articles, don't expect anything to happen.
When you make loads of videos, don't expect anything to happen.
When you create a blog, don't expect anything to happen.
Spend your first 3 months taking massive action, then after that you can relax a little bit with your internet marketing methods. 6 months to a year later you'll probably be making sales.
Remember, building an internet business is easy. The hard part is having the patience to make it a success.
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